By Land and Sea

How we do it

It is why we do it, what we value and how we do it that makes us unique.

One of the biggest challenges in creating this company has been to find a way to engage and participate as a community – to deliver and share in the value. It is for this reason the creator refused to put her own name on the bags. There is a team of talented people who make this company operate. I am fortunate enough to have developed a vision and find amazing people to participate in making the vision a reality. The name needed to acknowledge this. It needed to be central and respectful to all the people, their cultures and their history. It was the hardest thing to find; once found everything fell into place.

It is also important that the delivery of our product is not one of wastefulness. To this effect you will find every bag we make is unique and unlike any other. Not only do we hand make our bags, we also aim to select our leathers to capitalise on bi-product, co-product including end of line leather stocks. You will see us release limited editions and may notice some products where slight alterations will be made in leather selection.