By Land and Sea


It is why we do it, what we value and how we do it that makes us unique.

As a young girl I have always loved art, fashion and design. Like many I felt awkward, large, and out of place with most of the existing fashion brands. During this time I fell in love with accessories – it was the one area that I could participate in cutting edge fashion. It never discriminate against size and allowed me to express who I was.

As I developed my management skills I longed to create a business that would connect the local community and arts together. When the concept of placing artwork on high quality leather bags came to me, I knew this was an opportunity to express and celebrate all types of beauty.

The company is rooted in local community and businesses. Pulling this business together I had to acknowledge 100% locally sourced is not currently an option. Working with businesses, local farmers, artists, designers, manufacturers, marketers, and coupling this with great globally sourced products, has allowed the company to work closely with our community and still produced an amazing product.

Sally Hay.