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In Australia there was once megafauna – giant creatures similar to ones that still exist today, some the size of buses. This illustration plays on what it may have looked like for these megafauna to be challenged by dinosaurs.

Round 1 began as a series of rough pencil sketches that were compiled into a larger refined sketch, which was then scanned and tidied up digitally, before the clean line-work and colour were added.

Artwork by Lachlan Millard

Lachlan Millard grew up in Bairnsdale in East Gippsland, and has been drawing ever since he could first hold a pencil. Throughout his primary and secondary schooling he constantly drew and practised his skills.

In his senior years at Bairnsdale Secondary College, Lachlan won the Arts prize in three consecutive years, and in his VCE year the school acquired one of his works, which hangs in the administration area. He sold his first artwork whilst exhibiting in the 2008 Nowa Nowa Nudes exhibition.

Lachlan moved to Melbourne and continued his studies, completing the Diploma of Illustration at the Preston campus of NMIT in 2010. In his graduating year Lachlan was the recipient of the Illustre award. He followed this course with the Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development.

Since then he has continued to draw, creating his work mostly digitally and participating in many exhibitions across Melbourne, such as Illustre 2010 at Chapel Off Chapel, and Creature Feature in 2012 and Lepus Australis in 2013, both at No Vacancy gallery.

More information about Lachlans work can be found on his website at